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"~Itchin' Indicates Activity~"

by Wondrous Wordsmith on 04/13/12

When I was a little girl, I was quite the "klutz."  I could never quite make it home (after school) without some sort of "bruise," "accident," or "scraped knee."  I guess the more proper term in today's vernacular would be "accident prone." Each day, as my parents would drop me off on my daily school excursion, I'd find myself telling them, "I won't come home with a new wound today," to which they'd smile and say, "okay, love you, enjoy your day" and EVERY afternoon, my promise would turn into an "off color" fib because as sure as I said "no more accidents," the antithesis would show up on the scene. 

With accidents however, there is a time of healing and with all bodily wounds or scars, an "itch" begins to take place...an almost iritating, "wanna scratch 'til it bleeds again" type of itch, to which we're reminded by our loved ones not to scratch because it's a sign of healing, a sign of activity that your wound is no longer as sensitive or painful as it once was.  I can recall my father telling me, "Don't scratch it Baby, it's healing." In later years, under his employ, I would hear him use a phrase (regarding itching) in staff meetings, which was his extraordinary, wise manner of telling us not to worry about an activity that hadn't transpired.  It was in this milieu that we would take a breath and look at the bigger component that was ahead.  

Itching indicates activity, it means something's about to take place that might change the entire positive outlook on a project or life expectancy.  Be in tune to your "itching" and prepare to be utilized for the greater good!  In the same regard, however don't pursue something that you feel in your heart is not "scratch worthy," which may cause you harm in the near future.  You'll recognize whether you need to scratch or not, long before the itch comes to fruition.

   "Let's be prayerful, we may be scratchin' at somethin' that doesn't have an itch yet." -  Dr. Timothy J. Winters, Author/Pastor 

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