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Writing Samples
Here are a few copywritten excerpts from my writing dossier for your reading perusal.  Enjoy and thank you in advance for your  business and referrals.

"Gardening - The Other Sport In My Life." - January 2012
     One of my favorite things to do (among visiting various eateries) in my day-to-day lifestyle is to visit Flower/Gardening Shows. I guess when you’ve been blessed with a household full of “males,” you tend to savor the “girl power” things in life…those things that speak to us as females, but we don’t always have an opportunity to enjoy in the fellowship of our sisterhood. Gardening and scenic floral arrangements are entities I enjoy in the quietness of my own mind and space.  
     During the Spring, I absolutely love to drive by a hillside while visiting Wine Country and see the bright, buddings of ice-plant in their ubiquitous splendor, smiling and winking their gorgeous presence. It uplifts the spirit after the Autumn and Winter seasons and informs us that warmer weather is forthcoming.  
     Comparatively, I get just as excited when visiting landscaping stores and nurseries. Armstrong Garden Center, Beautiful Backyards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s Garden Departments are replete with all sorts of floral treats; beautiful perennials and breath-taking annuals. It’s a haven of tranquility despite the customers that float through my whirlwind of thought provoking queries as to where I should plant my new bounty.
     Admittedly, however, I’ve fallen off my “gardening” wagon, something I loved to do when my children were small and less mobile. I could be found in my garden of herbs and flowers for hours at a time; usually while my children enjoyed their nap; planting and rearranging, pruning, and “Osmocoting.” I remember one Spring endeavor, an effort to plant sunflowers, a project I can now admit in retrospect went awry. I had wanted so badly to have sunflowers adorn the pathway that led to my front door and so I set out on my mission to plant just a few…a package of sorts and was heartbroken when they didn’t take root. However heartbrokenness turned into hilarity when I recalled how these beautiful, yet simple flowers grow along freeway underpasses and curbside store fronts as weeds…I couldn’t grow a weed…really? Of course, I’ve since realized it wasn’t the flower that needed the assist to grow; it was the soil, which screamed “more fertilizer and I’ll show you what I can do for your sunflowers.” 

"Positivity” - May  2011
     “Attitude…winners surround themselves with winners.” I’ve passed this saying a thousand times…accompanied in a black lacquered frame, enveloped in a gorgeous sunset in our family’s business office. Today, however, it struck a different chord with me, winners surround themselves with winners…it’s all about the attitude. Of course, this speaks volumes of how one should act or react to certain circumstances. We teach our children at an early age, to keep their heads up; we motivate them with positive reinforcements and awesome energy. We’re real quick to tell them not to listen to discouraging, disparaging chatter and to disengage themselves from negative influences from their peers.  
     So then, why is it hard for us as adults to keep our minds free from negativity? Why is it that gossip and nonsensical information perks our ears to listen intently? Human nature I guess, but when this type of discussion is seared into our lives, our brain activity, we pick up negative vibes and pass them on throughout our day without realizing the conflict. You find yourself finding fault with your colleagues, your spouse, or your children. Nothing is done to your satisfaction and therefore, you’ve created hostility in your life. By pursing a positive attitude each morning, before you relinquish your milieu of repose, you increase your opportunities one hundred fold.

"Hot Fun In The Summer Time." June 2009
     How I do love the summer. July, August, and September too, are months that you don’t have to worry about a “chilled” day or a surprisingly, uncommon “hot” one. During these months, EVERY day is HOT! No need to wonder what clothing or lack thereof will be utilized through the entire season! Swimming galore, pool parties, beach trips, water parks, water balloons, BBQ’s…all fun activities that require very little clothing…LOL! I’ve decided this summer, that we’re going to spend more time outdoors seeing and doing things that peak our educational interests while having a great vacation. My boys are learning how to fish, but this Mommy doesn’t touch anybody's bait...they're on their own with this slippery, very smelly task...
     I can remember growing up, when blow-up pools in front yards were the best thing during the summer. For many, it was the main source of entertainment for families. Now, that I’m an adult, with children of my own, I still see inflated pools, water balloons (one of our family's favorite past times) and water gun/super soaker "showdowns" from time to time. Nostalgia at its best! However, when you think about it, families who are struggling to make ends meet with a threat of job loss and foreclosure are trying their best to ensure their children will have what they need (not what they want). Where did we lose the sheer fun of running through sprinklers or a water hose, or seeing our children playing ball in the neighborhood? What happened to those fun pieces of our family’s history that we didn’t have time for during school, but looked forward to as the calendar moved into the sixth month? When did we decide that we HAD to have a particular item for the summer or spend a certain amount of money to enjoy a great vacation?
     This awesome season, join me and return to the simpler way of celebrating, “School’s Out For The Summer!” Make it happy and fun, light hearted, and less tense…no traveling and financial stress allowed! I guarantee your children will be just as grateful.